A Guide to make your Beard grow faster

I remember those days when we began to sprung up beards and will be so ashamed of it and we will immediately cut it off. And then you will notice that its going to come out more. I remember when  i was still in high school in my finals when i first grew a beard i was so ashamed of it and immediately cut it with shaving stick. But now i dare not try it after i got bumps the first time i used stick to shave due to ignorance.

A lot of people have been asking,“How can i make my beard grow faster”, “What can i do to make my beard softer”. The answers are with you, making you beard grow faster has been a major factor hindering men from growing a nice beard as majority of them gets frustrated and quit growing beard , here are some factors that influences your beard growth;


Eat Health

This is the major factor that influences the growth of your beards, the food you eat determines a lot. You have to eat a balanced diet and focus more on vitamins rich food, as they can make your beard look shining, darker and smooth. And also drink a lot of water.

Avoid Stress

Am Afraid to say that if you do a tedious work, its really going to be hard for you to be able to maintain your beard and make you beard grow faster and look nice. Stay stress free.

Brush/comb your beard frequently

If you are trying to keep your beard you must learn how to brush it, if you just started or learn how to comb with will a little pale comb, as to stretch the hair molecules and make then come out faster. But this should be done after a bath or after rinsing your face, so as to make it soft and moist and easy to comb without cutting.

Use Alma Oil

This is one natural remedy for facial hair growth, it can make your beard grow faster, all you have to do is to massage the oil on your beard for 5-10 minutes everyday after a bath.

Be Patient 

Its this point that people fail to get. to make you beards grow faster you have ti be patient, meaning that

  • You must leave your beard for a long time before grooming it; you must be able to allow you beard to grow for like 2-3 months with out shaping, carving or trimming it, so as to let the facial hair come our well to your taste.
  • And also don’t get to excited to grow a  beard and put your whole mind to it, try to take your mind of it and you will later realize that it has grown so well.

This will help your beard grow faster, you can add your own way to make your beard grow faster in the comment section.


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