How to Knot a Bow Tie

Do you know that 1% of all the men in Nigeria do not know how to knot a bow tie? This is one challenging task a lot of men face today. A lot of people with different collection of bow tie doesn’t know how to knot it when loose. I put together this 9 DIY steps on how to knot a bow tie;

How to Knot a Bow Tie

Pull up your collar and lay the bow tie around your neck. One side should hang 4-5 inches lower than the other. Then cross the longer end over the shorter end.


Create a half knot just like you do when tying your shoe laces.


Keep a finger on the half knot to keep it tight. Then fold the shorter end of the bow tie in half. It should start to look like a bow tie.


Take the longer end of the bow tie and pull it over the half folded bow tie.


Now half fold the unfolded part of the bow tie.


Just like you do when tying your shoes, pull the bow tie through the loop at the back of the bow. Do so by pushing and pulling along the fold.


Pull/push only half way through.


Pull on both sides of the bow and pull tight. As a little trick, put your index fingers through each of the loops and pull outwards.


Tug and pull to make sure the bow tie sits tight. Then centre in between your collar and voila, you just learned how to knot a bow tie! Congratulations!

Remember Practice makes perfect.



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