How to Tie a Tie

As easy as it may sound, Knotting a tie can be as difficult as maths if you don’t follow the right procedures. The simplest and most common knotted tie we see is called “Four in Hand”. It’s that type of tieing that comes with a V-shaped end to fit comfortably on your collar. This is the steps on how to tie a tie;

How to Tie a Four in Hand Tie

Start with the wide end (“W”) of your necktie on the right, extending about 12 inches below the narrow end (“N”) on the left. Then cross the wide end over the narrow end.


Wrap the wide end around the narrow end.


Then, pull the wide end up and through the loop around your neck.


Hold the front of the knot loosely with your index finger and bring the wide end down through the front loop.


At last, remove your finger and tighten the knot carefully to the collar by holding the narrow end and sliding the knot up.



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