The Gladiators’s gladiator

This really reminds me about the Gladiator “the movie”.  The Gladiator sandals has been trending for some years now in fashion, but some people doesn’t seem to understand the beauty, how to match it with a nice looking outfit for an outing. There are lots of people who doesn’t like the sandals, like a friend of mine who always mocks me when i put on mine, he will be like “why are you wearing Jesus Sandals”, or will call me Abraham.

A lot of people don’t know how to rock the gladiators and make it look sharp on you, but believe me, no matter how hard you try some people won’t just like the Gladiators, then at that point its up to you not to give a damm about what they think, but focus on what you think and always strive to look good not to anybody but to yourself.


How to Rock the Gladiators Sandals


This is the mistake and the major reason why a lot of people won’t appreciate your gladiators style and will always condemn it.

1.  Never rock your gladiators with socks:  This is the highest fashion blunder am yet to see but am sure that some people actually do it. Gladiators should never be worn with socks, in fact, sandals in general must never be worn with socks.

2.  Don’t ever think of rocking it with pants: Please, don’t ever wear your gladiator sandals with pants, it doesn’t go. It will just make you look like a fashion confused person.

3.  Best worn with jeans: To get the best out of your sandals it is best worn with jeans, wear the gladiators with a nice looking jean it may be shorts or trousers anyone will fit, but if you are wearing it with the trousers it should be a little bit above the top of the sandals for maximum beauty and the jean should be penciled.

4.  Khaki Shorts aren’t bad:Its also nice to be worn with khaki shorts preferable brown, and should be above the knee.

5.  All shirts go:  any shirt can go with the sandals, the trouser is the major factor to influence the beauty but what you wear on top doesn’t matter, but NEVER rock your gladiators with t-shirt, it is not accepted i would prefer you put on a denim or even a a nice designed sleeves buttoned shirts.

That’s all you need, and you won’t have to buy an extra item to wear to fit the gladiators.

PS: Not everybody will still appreciate the style its up to you to care or don’t.


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